Scrum Certification

Scrum Quebec and Scrum certification

Before getting started, please note that Agile Scrum does not offer certification. Our mission is to inform web development and marketing professionals, promote agile methods and promote the adoption of Scrum.

What you need to know about Scrum certification

Certification alone does not create a “true” scrum master. It is very helpful to see certification as a step in a process, a learning journey and a life experience. The Scrum philosophy has taught us that what matters is to evolve, reflect and ensure continuous improvement. The course and what you take away from the Scrum Master education will therefore be different for each person, which is what explains the different certification options we find today.

Scrum certification with no experience or course

It will be very difficult for a person to perform well in a Scrum environment without having work experience and circumstances that have helped that person to think and evolve in the agile philosophy, the agile mindset. That’s why there are certifications that allow people with little experience to qualify and gain a foundational background of Scrum:

2-day Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course of
2-day Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®)

Scrum certification with experience, free or online course

The benefit of work experience is recognized by several organizations, so it allows you to certify yourself by registering for an exam and successfully completing the Scrum certification:

Certification Professional Scrum Master (PSM) of

Scrum Master Accredited Certification™ Program (SMAC™) of

Certification International Scrum Master™ (ISM™) de

Combine Scrum certification

The ideal in learning is to multiply experiences and combine knowledge. It is often useful to pursue other related certifications:

Certification PMI-ACP® Project Management Institute of